In a rural school in the middle of the mountains, a girl who is starting to become a woman feels the profound need to discover her true identity. She does not know who her father is and she is determined to find him, but her mother does not approve it.

The hostility of winter in such a harsh place turns this desire into a real threat: freezing in the middle of nowhere. Going behind the backs of the school authorities and the girl's mother, her teacher decides to help her. They set off on this quest for truth, but it is not going to be an easy journey... Their only clue is a small, rusty plate. 

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DRAMA - 70MIN - 2014

Director: Mathias Lucchesi
Writer: Mathias Lucchesi
Gonzalo Salaya
Cast: Paula Galinelli Hertzog
Paola Barrientos
Sergio Boris
Country: Argentina
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